Ultan SharkeyHi, I'm Ultan. I've been working with Joomla since it forked from the Mambo project back in 2005. All of the Joomla guidebooks I could find were long and very detailed often beginning with details of how to install and configure Joomla. Many of them were also out of date, covering earlier versions of the Joomla CMS.

I created Easy Joomla Guide to use as a training tool, to help people who just want to understand how to use Joomla on a day-to-day basis.

I've also now added a simple introductory video course to Joomla. These nine screencast video tutorials bring you through the major elements of running a Joomla website on a day-to-day basis including the administration area, user management, menu management, content creation, and managing modules.

I create Joomla websites professionally, specializing in online shop and ecommerce. Sometimes it's not possible to meet my clients for a training session, and when it is possible it can be a lot to take in. This website, its guides and courses, are a great reference tool for Joomla Professionals to provide to clients who are just getting started with using Joomla.

We're always looking to make our products better! If you have a suggestion or you've spotted an error or omission, please send us your feedback. 

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